The Fundación Renal Íñigo Álvarez de Toledo announces its international award for basic research in nephrology. It is the highest recognition of research on kidney disease in Spain, and the most veteran award of nephrology in our country. The call for basic research is international and projects from European countries, Israel and Turkey can be submitted to it.

Graduates or doctors in any degree related to health sciences, residents in Europe, Israel or Turkey having carried out unpublished or published research work during the year 2020 or 2021 in the area of ​​basic research can opt for these awards. The award has an economic endowment of 12.000 euros and will be awarded before the end of the year.

The works must be sent in PDF format to the email address before June 30

The Fundación Renal allocate 3.6% of its total budget to research

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of kidney patients. We have dialysis centers throughout Spain where we not only offer dialysis treatment, but also psychological and social care, nutritional counseling, and we have sports educators for our dialysis sports program that has already been running for six years. In addition, the Foundation has other projects aimed at promoting the prevention and treatment of the disease, international cooperation projects, awareness campaigns and research.